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Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies | Pisa

Dr Silvia Venier's research at the Sant'Anna School focuses on international law and CBRN events. She is working on CBRN-Italy, a research project funded under the Italian PRIN Programme. She has been visiting research fellow at the University of Copenhagen and at the Human Rights Centre at the Essex University. She has collaborated with the Italian Red Cross in a research project aiming at developing new tools for disaster preparedness and response, and with the UK-based company GSDM, specialised in technological risk. 

She holds a Master Degree in International Relations by the University of Trieste and a PhD in Public International Law from the Scuola Sant’Anna. 

Within the intensive course, she will contribute with a lecture in the intensive course on the interplay between disaster risk reduction and human rights law.


Selected Publications

S Venier, A Right to Information Relevant to Disaster Situations: Broadening the Concept beyond Early Warning and Addressing the Challenges Posed by Information and Communication Technologies, Yearbook of International Disaster Law 1 (2019)

S Venier, F Capone, Speaking with One or Multiple Voices in Multi-Hazard Early Warning Systems? A Survey of International and National Legal and Policy Frameworks, The Cambridge Handbook of Disaster Risk Reduction and International Law, Cambridge University Press (2019)

S Venier, A Human Rights Perspective on CBRN Security: Derogations, Limitations of Rights and Positive Obligations in Risk and Crisis Management, Enhancing CBRNE Safety & Security: Proceedings of the SICC 2017 Conference, Springer (2018) 


For more information, you can visit her profile page at the website of the Scuola.