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Giovanna Adinolfi

Full Professor of Public International Law, University of Milan

Prof Adinolfi has mainly focused her research activities in the area of international trade and financial law, and disaster law. She has taught several academic courses on public international law, international economic law and environmental law, complemented by significant experiences dealing with the practice of trade law and its links with disaster law.

Academic coordinator of a Jean Monnet European Module on EU Disaster Response Law in an International Context (2014-2016), Prof. Adinolfi has been involved in a number of training initiatives on disaster law and policies.

She will contribute to the EIHRSDS intensive course with an analysis of the right to a healthy environment and its bearing on disaster policies.


Selected Publications

G Adinolfi, Strengthening Resilience to Disasters through International Trade Law: The Role of WTO Agreements on Trade in Goods, Yearbook of International Disaster Law 2 (2021)

G Adinolfi, Natural Disasters and Trade Research Study II A legal mapping, WTO (2020)

G Adinolfi, International Economic Law (2018), Yearbook of International Disaster Law 1 (2020) 

G Adinolfi, The right to a healthy environment: delineating the content (and contours) of a slippery notion, Routledge Handbook of Human Rights and Disasters, Routledge (2018)

G Adinolfi, Situazioni di disastro e circolazione di beni e servizi, Marco Gestri (ed), Disastri, Protezione Civile e Diritto: Nuove Prospettive nell'Unione Europea e in Ambito Penale, Giuffrè Editore (2016)


For more information, visit her profile page at the website of the Univesity of Milan.