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Riccardo Luporini

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies | Pisa

Riccardo Luporini's research deals with the intersections between climate change, disasters and human rights under international law. 

Riccardo obtained a PhD from the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna with a research project dealing with climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction from a human rights perspective. 

Previously, he served as Assistant to the Special Rapporteur on the topic "Protection of Persons in the Event of Disasters" at the 68th session of the International Law Commission of the United Nations. He worked as a Blue Book Trainee at DG ECHO, European Commission, where he dealt with the implementation of the rescEU initiative. He has been Visiting PhD Fellow at the Centre for International Law and Governance (CILG) and at the Copenhagen Center for Disaster Research (COPE), University of Copenhagen.

Currently, Riccardo is focusing on human rights-based climate litigation, and to this end he is also national rapporteur for Italy at the global climate litigation database of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law (Columbia University in the City of New York).

He will contribute to the intensive course with a session on the links between climate change and human rights. He is also serving as EIHRSDS Course Tutor. 


Selected Publications

R Luporini, Strategic Litigation at the Domestic and International Leveles as a Tool to Advance Climate Change Adaptation?, Yearbook of International Disaster Law (2023)

R Luporini, A Savaresi, International Human Rights Bodies and Climate Litigation: Don't Look Up?, RECIEL (2023)

R Luporini, Cambiamento climatico, disastri e diritti umani nel diritto internazionale, EUNOMIA (2021)

R Luporini, A Kodiveri, The increasing role of human rights bodies in climate litigation, COP26 Briefings, The British Academy (2021)

R Luporini, The “Last Judgment”: Early reflections on upcoming climate litigation in Italy, Questions of International Law 77 (2021)


For more information, you can visit his profile page at the website of the Scuola.